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How CITREM E472c Is Used in the Food Industry

Citric Acid Esters of Mono- and Diglycerides (CITREM), designated as e472c, is a crucial and versatile ingredient in contemporary food processing. Its applications span across a wide array of food products including margarine, chocolate, dry yeast, baking, and sauces. In this blog, we will delve into the various roles of CITREM in the food industry, highlighting its multifaceted uses and benefits.

What are Citric Acid Esters of Monoglycerides (CITREM)?

Citric Acid Esters of Mono- and Diglycerides, commonly known as CITREM, is a food-grade emulsifier widely used in the food industry. Available in a powder form that ranges from white to yellowish, the CITREM emulsifier is identified by INS No. 472c and CAS No. 36291-32-4. It excels in creating stable emulsions and improving the texture and consistency of various food products.

CITREM emulsifier e472c is widely used in various products such as margarine, shortenings, chocolate, and dry yeast. When applied in sauces, dressings, and meat products, neutralized CITREM not only enhances texture but also stabilizes these formulations. Citric Acid Esters of Monoglycerides play crucial roles across food production: enhancing frying properties in margarine, controlling viscosity in chocolate processing, and ensuring consistent emulsification in meat products. CITREM e472c also serves as a sequestrant, binding heavy metals to prevent their oxidation effects on fats and oils, particularly effective when used alongside antioxidants.

What are Citric Acid Esters of Monoglycerides (CITREM)

What are Citric Acid Esters of Mono- and Diglycerides Used for?

Citric Acid Esters of Mono- and Diglycerides (CITREM) are used in various food applications due to their multifunctional properties as emulsifiers, stabilizers, and texturizers. Here’s an overview of their specific uses:

1. Antioxidant Blends

Citric Acid Esters of Mono- and Diglycerides (CITREM) are used as a synergistic component in antioxidant blends. It enhances the effectiveness of antioxidants by improving their solubility and distribution, which helps in preventing oxidation and extending the shelf life of food products.

2. Stabilizer and Emulsifier

CITREM e472c serves as a stabilizer and emulsifier in several food products, ensuring a consistent texture and preventing separation. Key applications include:
Baked goods: Improves dough handling and machinability; enhances the volume and texture of bread and pastries; acts as an anti-staling agent, extending the freshness of baked items.
Fats: Stabilizes fat emulsions to maintain consistency.
Mayonnaise and Salad Dressings: Prevents separation of oil and water phases, ensuring a smooth texture.
Sauces: Helps in creating stable and homogenous emulsions.
Low-Calorie Foodstuffs: Provides a similar texture and mouthfeel to higher-fat products, enhancing the quality of low-calorie alternatives.


3. CITREM e472c in Margarine Products

In margarine and similar products, citric acid esters of monoglycerides are used to prevent spattering during cooking. It creates a stable emulsion that reduces the likelihood of water droplets causing spattering when heated.

CITREM e472c in Margarine


4. CITREM e472c in Fondants

Citrem emulsifier e472c improves the gloss and smoothness of fondants by creating a homogeneous mixture. This enhances the visual and textural quality of fondant-covered confections, providing a shiny and smooth finish.

5. Flavor Solubilizer and Lecithin Substitute in Chocolates

CITREM e472c acts as a solubilizer in flavor formulations, ensuring even distribution and stability of flavors. Additionally, it can substitute for lecithin in chocolates, helping to control viscosity and improve texture.

6. CITREM in Meat Products

In meat products, citric acid esters of monoglycerides help reduce fat separation during processing and cooking. This stabilizing effect maintains product integrity and quality, ensuring a consistent texture and appearance.

7.CITREM e472c in Infant Formula

CITREM (Citric Acid Esters of Mono- and Diglycerides) is an essential ingredient in infant formula due to its role as a stabilizer and emulsifier. It helps maintain a uniform distribution of fats and oils, ensuring consistent nutrient delivery in each serving. CITREM emulsifier also improves the texture and palatability of the formula, making it easier for infants to consume. Its compatibility with other ingredients supports nutritional integrity, while its use in specialized formulas meets specific dietary needs, ensuring safe and effective nutrition for infants.

The Final Thought

Citric Acid Esters of Mono- and Diglycerides (CITREM) are crucial emulsifiers in the food industry. Their emulsifying and stabilizing properties make them essential ingredients in many formulations.
If you plan to buy CITREM emulsifier, please contact our CHEMSINO sales team for price and free samples. We look forward to assisting you!
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