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Acetylated mono- and diglycerides (ACETEM) are food additives commonly used in the food industry. They are derived from natural sources such as vegetable oils, typically soybean oil or palm oil. Acetylated monoglycerides are synthesized through the acetylation process, which involves replacing one or more hydrogen atoms of the hydroxyl groups of glycerol or fatty acids with acetyl groups. ACETEM E472a emulsifier find applications in a wide array of food products, including baked goods (bread, cakes, pastries), dairy products (ice cream, whipped toppings, margarine), desserts, and confectionery items.
Acetylated Mono- and Diglycerides (ACETEM)
Dietary Attributes: Plant-Based, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Keto-friendly
Ingredient List: Acetylated Mono- and Diglycerides (ACETEM)
Allergen(s): None
Solubility: Soluble in oils and fats
Chemsino Acetylated Mono- and Diglycerides (ACETEM)
As one of the top food emulsifier suppliers in China, Chemsino is committed to the researchment and development of Acetylated Mono- and Diglycerides (ACETEM) for different application for over 16 years.

Chemsino company offers two types of ACETEM emulsifiers for sale: ACETEM50 and ACETEM90.

Our service includes not only the high quality products, but also the technology support which helps our customer to improve their products with our ACETEM emulsifier maximumly. Contact us for best prices and free samples.
Acetylated Mono- and Diglycerides (ACETEM)
ACETEM 50 Acetylated Mono and Diglycerides
In the food industry, Acetylated mono- and diglycerides Acetem 50 emulsifier serve as key emulsifiers that stabilize oil-water mixtures and enhance the texture and consistency of various products.They are commonly used in items like bread, cakes, and ice cream to improve shelf life and ensure superior product quality.
Application :
In baked goods, ACETEM 50 emulsifier helps improve the texture and volume of baked goods by stabilizing the dough and enhancing its machinability. 
Acetylated Mono and Diglycerides ACETEM 50 in chewing gum helps improve the texture and extend the shelf life of chewing gum.
ACETEM 50 emulsifier stabilizes cocoa butter in chocolates and compound coatings, preventing fat bloom and improving gloss and snap.
ACETEM 90 Acetylated Mono and Diglycerides
ACETEM 90 Acetylated Mono and Diglycerides are versatile ingredients that can be used in a wide range of food products, including baked goods, dairy products, confectionery, processed meats, and more. Their ability to improve texture and stability makes them valuable components in many food formulations.
Application :
The use of ACETEM 90 in bread production contributes to improved dough quality, enhanced bread volume, extended shelf-life. 
In ice cream and other frozen desserts, ACETEM Acetylated Mono and Diglycerides emulsifier for sale help create a smooth and creamy texture.
In food products like margarine or salad dressings, ACETEM90 emulsifier ensures a uniform consistency and prevents the oil from separating out.
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