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What is Non-dairy creamer and the main characteristics?
Non-dairy creamer, which is also called as Coffee Mate, is a kind of powder form product through the production process of emulsification, homogenization and spray powdering. The main raw material is vegetable oil, mixing with appropriate amount of syrup, milk protein, emulsifier, stabilizer, etc. 

As a special product that is different from general grease powder, it mainly has three characteristics:
1. The whitening effect is good after mixing with coffee.
2. Good stability after mixing with coffee, no oil separation or protein agglomeration. 
3. The taste is smooth, delicate and rich in milk.

The above three points are not only the distinctive features of the coffee mate, but also the technical difficulties in producing the coffee mate.
What can Emulsifier do in Non-dairy creamer?
Emulsifiers are mandatory to be used in the production of coffee mate, generally using DMG (mono- and diglycerides), Span 60, sodium stearyl lactylate, etc. The use of a single emulsifier generally fails to achieve the effect, and multiple emulsifiers are often used in combination. It is best to use hydrophilic and lipophilic emulsifiers for compounding, in order to play a better synergistic effect and make the product more stable. The specific varieties and proportions need to be determined through experiments.
Chemsino Solutions
In Your Non-dairy Creamer
The usage of DMG emulsifier in Non dairy creamer can help to improve the whipping ability and expansion rate of non-dairy cream.
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Usually Datem emulsifier is used in Non dairy creamer together with DMG, to achieve the best function through the combination of Lipophilic and Hydrophilic emulsifiers to ensure uniform mixing of all components, delicate and smooth taste.
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The combination of DMG and SSL emulsifier in non dairy creamer production is another normal set of solution to Increase the supporting ability and shape-retention ability and to improve the taste and texture of non-dairy creamer.
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