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What is Cake gel ?
Cake gel, which is a compounded food additive to be used in cakes .It is also known as cake emulsifier and SP, which is a kind of paste emulsifier obtained by hydration and emulsification of different emulsifiers.
Through the combining and optimizing of various emulsifier and also with the precise production control system , cake gel can inhence solve the problems of cakes for being dry fast , unstable , hard texture etc .
The adding of cake gel in cakes can significantly increase the cake volume by about 30%, and increase the bulk and elasticity of the cake. In the way ,the comprehensive quality of cakes will be improved,with a more uniform and dense internal organization, thin pore walls, even pores, fine mouthfeel taste .
What does emulsifier do in cake gel ?
Emulsifiers can form a compound with starch and protein as edible thickener, with good water retention in cake production, which can make the cake to be stored in the electric flow control valve for a long time, and the inside of the cake will be moist, soft. The adding of emulsifiers in cake gel can make the cake slurry rise quickly when it is whipped. In a short time, the cake slurry can be wrapped in a lot of air to form a delicate and rich foam, which is then baked to obtain a large volume, fine structure and soft cake.
Chemsino Solution
To Your Cake gel
As a necessary ingredient in cake gel formula , DMG can help to decrease the whipping time around 60%,which significantly help to improve production efficiency .
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The complexing ability of PGE with starch and protein in cake production ,can help to keep the α-crystal and prevent the starch from aging ,which can help to keep a soft textured cake for longer time.
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The good mechanical mixing stability of PGMS can maintain a stable cake batter proportion after a long time of mixing, which can help to prevent the unqualified cake products caused even with excessive mixing.
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