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What Is Sorbitan Monostearate in Yeast

Speaking of yeast production, one notable ingredient that plays a crucial role is Sorbitan Monostearate (SMS). This emulsifier is widely utilized in the manufacturing process, especially in the context of instant active dry yeast. Let's delve into the significance of Sorbitan Monostearate in yeast production and its impact on the overall performance of the final product.

What Is Sorbitan Monostearate?

Sorbitan Monostearate is a synthetic ester produced by the esterification of sorbitol and stearic acid. Classified within the sorbitan ester family, it is often denoted as SMS, Span 60, or E491. This substance is a white, flavorless powder that is insoluble in water but can disperse in hot water. The HLB value of Span 60 typically falls within the range of 4.7 to 6.7.

Sorbitan Monostearate Span 60 is a prevalent food additive used as an emulsifier and surfactant in various food products. Emulsifiers are commonly employed to stabilize oil-water mixtures, ensuring the cohesion of the two components. Its presence can be found in a variety of pre-packaged and processed foods, including artificial butter, ice cream, salad dressings, and bread. However, Sorbitan Monostearate e491 is primarily utilized in baking yeast to enhance the activity of instant dry yeast during rehydration before use.

Sorbitan monostearate span 60

What is Sorbitan Monostearate Used for?


Active Dry Yeast

Sorbitan Monostearate e491 finds extensive use in the production of instant active dry yeast. Yeast cells feature a membrane located on the inner side of the cell wall, serving as a natural barrier that keeps essential yeast cells required for fermentation within the cell. Throughout the drying process, SMS emulsifier acts as an α-crystal barrier, effectively safeguarding yeast cells. Additionally, during yeast utilization, Sorbitan Monostearate emulsifier aids in facilitating the rehydration of yeast cells.

Simply put, Sorbitan Monostearate helps yeast retain moisture, significantly extending its shelf life. Moreover, Span 60 emulsifier contributes to the rehydration of yeast cells. Just a minimal amount of e491 emulsifier is needed to facilitate yeast cell rehydration before blending with other ingredients.

Sorbitan Monostearate in Yeast

Non-Dairy Whipped Cream/Whipped Toppings

Non-dairy whipping ingredients create an oil-in-water emulsion characterized by lower fat content and higher water content. To achieve a smooth, creamy texture, it's essential to ensure the even dispersion of the fat phase in the water phase. Sorbitan Monostearate Span 60 plays a role in improving the volume and texture of whipped cream, producing a pleasing and firm foam.  Additionally, Sorbitan Monostearate emulsifier can delay the formation of fat crystals, as the product undergoes free thawing during usage.

Exquisite Baked Goods and Cakes

Sorbitan Monostearate Span 60 works even better in combination with Mono and Diglycerides and Polysorbate 60. Their combination results in a cake batter with lower specific gravity and less gluten formation, resulting in a soft cake with a homogeneous crumb structure.

Is Sorbitan Monostearate Safe?

Health agencies around the world generally consider this food additive to be safe and not to cause any negative health effects. In fact, Sorbitan Monostearate e491 brings a variety of benefits to foods. It helps improve the texture and consistency of foods, helps homogenize ingredients, and extends the shelf life of products. In addition, Sorbitan monostearate span 60 offers a variety of benefits to consumers. It can be used as an alternative to animal-derived emulsifiers for people with dietary restrictions, such as vegetarians.

Is Sorbitan Monostearate Same As Sorbitol?

No, Sorbitan Monostearate (SMS) is not the same as Sorbitol. They are distinct chemical compounds with different properties and uses.

Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol or polyol that is commonly used as a sweetener and humectant in various food products. It occurs naturally in fruits but is often produced commercially from glucose. Sorbitol is widely utilized as a sugar substitute in everyday foods such as mints, cookies, and cakes.

On the other hand, Sorbitan Monostearate is an ester of sorbitol and stearic acid. Sorbitan Monostearate e491 acts as a surfactant, helping to stabilize emulsions and improve the texture and shelf life of various products.

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, Sorbitan Monostearate Span 60 is a versatile emulsifier crucial for stabilizing and improving the texture of products in foods such as active dry yeast, whipping cream, and baked products.

As a supplier of Sorbitan Monostearate, CHEMSINO company is committed to providing high-quality food additives for customers around the world. So, if you need Span 60 and other food emulsifiers, do not hesitate to contact us for detailed quotes and free samples.
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