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What is Potassium Stearate and Its Uses in Food and Cosmetics


Introduction to Potassium Stearate

Potassium stearate is a chemical substance. Potassium stearate is a white powder that is soluble in hot water or alcohols and the solution is alkaline due to hydrolysis. It is derived from stearic acid, which is a by-product of the saponification process of vegetable oils. Potassium stearate is mainly used as a detergent and emulsifier. As an anionic surfactant, Potassium stearate is widely used in acrylate rubber soap/sulfur concurrent vulcanization systems. Its strong emulsifying, cleansing, and stabilizing properties enable it to be used in the food, cosmetic, personal care and pharmaceutical industries.

Potassium Stearate in Food Applications

Potassium stearate is a commonly used food additive in foods such as yogurt, condiments, juices, meat products and bread. It has various applications in food processing, such as acidity regulator, bulking agent and preservative.

As an acidity regulator, Potassium Stearate can adjust the pH of the food, so that the food presents a suitable taste and flavor.

In fermented foods such as yogurt, Potassium Stearate can promote fermentation and increase the growth of lactic acid bacteria, making yogurt more mellow and smooth.

In addition, Potassium Stearate is also a bulking agent, which can make bread and other baked goods puffy and fluffy. The addition of appropriate amounts of Potassium stearate improves the texture and flavor of baked goods and has the effect of reducing the amount of flour used, thereby reducing costs.

Potassium Stearate is also a preservative and is commonly used in processed foods such as meat products and spices. It can also inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms to prolong the shelf life of food and maintain the nutrition and taste of food.

In conclusion, Potassium Stearate is a multi-functional and safe food additive, which can not only increase the nutritional value and deliciousness of food, but also keep the food fresh and prevent it from rotting and deteriorating when used correctly in food processing.

Application of Potassium Stearate in Cosmetics

1. Potassium stearate is the potassium salt of the fatty acid stearic acid, an emulsifier in the stearate family. Potassium stearate's lubricating and emulsifying properties make it primarily intended for use as an emulsifier and stabilizer in cosmetics, preventing the separation of water-based and oil-based ingredients, stabilizing formulations to form stable emulsions, and enhancing texture.

2. Potassium Stearate is used in a wide variety of skincare, color cosmetics and hair care products, including lotions, eye shadows, mascara, lipsticks, and foundations. It also has a good cleansing effect, leaving the skin fresh and clean. Potassium stearate is also used in fragrances, deodorants, and bath products.

3. Because of its foaming and cleansing properties, Potassium stearate is also used as a cleansing ingredient in soap production.

Is Potassium Stearate Safe for Skin?

Potassium stearate has been certified safe by the FDA. Potassium stearate is considered virtually non-toxic and has a low potential for acute skin toxicity. In skin irritation studies, even high concentrations of stearate have shown only minimal to mild irritation.


Although Potassium stearate is a safe food additive, the following precautions should be taken when using it.

1. It should be used in accordance with the dosage to avoid overuse, which may cause adverse effects.
2. It is important to use regular, reputable manufacturers of products such as CHEMSINO to ensure their quality.
3. It is necessary to comply with food hygiene and safety regulations and implement strict production processes and hygiene standards.

Price of Potassium Stearate

As the exchange rate, transportation cost, production cost and supply and demand of Potassium Stearate change, the price of Potassium Stearate will also change accordingly. Chemsino, as a global supplier of various food additives, can provide you with high quality and low cost products. If you are looking for Potassium Stearate, please feel free to send an inquiry to get the latest price of Potassium Stearate.


Potassium stearate is a versatile and safe additive used in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and personal care.

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