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The Versatile Applications of DATEM in Food

When it comes to enhancing the texture, quality, and shelf life of a wide array of food products, an unsung hero emerges: DATEM or Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters of Monoglycerides. This unassuming food additive is a versatile emulsifier and dough conditioner, playing a vital role in the food industry. Let's discover the diverse applications of DATEM in food. 

What is DATEM?

DATEM (Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters of Monoglycerides, also E472e) is a food additive commercially made by esterifying mono- and diglycerides derived from vegetable oils and/or fats with organic acids. It is composed of mixed esters of glycerin. In this compound, one or more of the hydroxyl groups of glycerin are esterified by both diacetyl tartaric acid and fatty acids. The process of creating this ingredient involves a chemical reaction. Diacetyl tartaric anhydride is combined with mono- and diglycerides sourced from edible materials. The major constituents of DATEM include a glycerol molecule with a stearic acid residue, a diacetyltartaric acid residue, and a free secondary hydroxyl group.

DATEM additive is a vital emulsifier in the production of various food products. The ingredient is mainly used in baking to enhance the gluten network within dough, especially in crusty bread like rye, resulting in a delightful springy and chewy texture. This versatile ingredient finds its way into various products, including biscuits, coffee whiteners, salsa con queso, ice cream, and salad dressings.

Unlike many other dough emulsifiers, DATEM doesn't form starch complexes. Its main role is to strengthen the dough, typically making up 0.375 to 0.5% of the total flour weight in commercial baking. (wikipedia)

datem emulsifier


DATEM in Bread

One of the most well-known applications of DATEM is in the world of baking, where it serves as a dough conditioner. DATEM's unique emulsifying properties allow it to form a strong bond between water and fats. In bread production, this is a game-changer. DATEM enhances the dough's elasticity and strength, resulting in better gas retention during fermentation. As a result, bread rises more uniformly, has a softer, more appealing texture, and boasts an extended shelf life. The next time you enjoy a fresh, soft loaf of bread, remember that DATEM might be the secret behind its perfection.

DATEM in Cakes and Pastries

DATEM doesn't stop at bread. It also excels in the realm of cakes and pastries. Its emulsifying properties ensure that oil and water-based ingredients mix seamlessly, leading to uniformly combined batter and, consequently, consistent and high-quality baked goods. DATEM plays a critical role in achieving the perfect crumb structure, moisture retention, and overall texture that we associate with delicious cakes and pastries.

DATEM in Dairy and Cream Products

Dairy products often benefit from DATEM's emulsification abilities. It helps maintain the stability and uniformity of products like ice cream, creamers, and milk-based desserts. Datem emulsifier prevents ingredients from separating and forming undesirable textures or structures, ensuring that these products remain smooth and enjoyable throughout their shelf life.

DATEM in Spreads and Condiments  

Spreads and condiments like margarine, mayonnaise, and salad dressings owe their creamy, homogeneous textures to DATEM. It emulsifies oil and water-based ingredients, creating products that are easy to spread and have consistent flavors. DATEM's role in achieving the desired mouthfeel and taste is invaluable in this category.

DATEM in Meat and Processed Foods

In the meat and processed food industry, DATEM assists in binding fat and water, enhancing the texture and quality of products like sausages and processed meats. This helps manufacturers maintain consistent product quality and ensures a satisfying eating experience for consumers.

DATEM in Snack Foods

Even in snack foods like potato chips and crackers, DATEM can be employed to achieve specific textures and flavors. By controlling the interaction between fats and other ingredients, DATEM contributes to the crispy, satisfying qualities that consumers love in their snacks.

The Versatile Applications of DATEM in Food

Is DATEM Ingredient Safe?

DATEM is used in many foods and is recognized as safe. In the United States, DATEM has received a "Generally Recognized as Safe" (GRAS) status from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations (21CFR184.1101). Additionally, DATEM is granted approval by the European Food Safety Authority and bears the E number E472e, signifying its recognized and approved status as a food additive in the European Union. Thus, DATEM is an absolutely safe ingredient.  

Final Thoughts

DATEM emulsifier is an essential ingredient that enhances the foods we love. From bread to cake, dairy products to spreads, and even in meat and snacks, DATEM's emulsifying and dough-conditioning properties play a crucial role in delivering consistent, high-quality, and enjoyable food experiences. And DATEM ingredients are completely safe.

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