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The Marvelous Polysorbate 80


What is Polysorbate 80?

Polysorbate 80 is a hydrophilic and lipophilic nonionic surfactant made by ethoxylating sorbitan and oleic acid. It is an amber-colored viscous liquid with a hydrophilic-lipophilic balance value of 15. In addition, Polysorbate 80 is soluble in water, methanol, and ethanol, and insoluble in mineral oil. Therefore, it can be regarded as an emulsifier and dispersant in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, textile printing and dyeing, and petroleum industries.

What are Polysorbate Uses?


Applications in Food


Polysorbate 80 has a wide range of applications in the food industry. It can be used as a stabilizer and emulsifier in bakery products, such as bread, cake, ice cream, and shortening. In the food industry, Polysorbate 80 often acts as an emulsifier, especially in ice cream. In ice cream, Polysorbate 80 can be added at a concentration of 0.5% (v/v) to make the product smooth and creamy, as well as easy to hold and slow down the melting rate. The addition of Polysorbate 80 allows the protein molecules in the milk to not completely encapsulate the fat droplets so that the fat can cross-link to form chains or webs that can hold more air. Ultimately, it makes the ice cream soft and fluffy and maintains its shape during the melting process.

Applications in the Textile Fiber Industry


Polysorbate 80 can be used as an antistatic agent, for nylon and viscose cord as an oiling agent, and as an intermediate in chemical fiber oiling agents. It has an excellent effect on the fabric waterproofing process by emulsifying silicone oil. Therefore, it is a water-soluble emulsifier, which is usually mixed with S-80.

Applications in Medicine


Polysorbate 80 can be used as an excipient for parenteral formulations, such as influenza vaccines produced in Canada and some European countries. It is a wonderful emulsifier in the manufacture of some drugs, such as the common antiarrhythmic drug amiodarone.

Applications in the Laboratory


Some mycobacteria can produce a lipase. When the mixture of Polysorbate 80 and phenol red is added, the color will change. This can be used for strain identification. In addition, in the medium for culturing Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Polysorbate 80 should be added.

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