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Properties and Applications of Distilled Monoglycerides in Food

The term Distilled Monoglycerides (DMG) refers to triglycerides and monoglycerides that undergo molecular distillation during the synthesis and concentration process. It is an odorless powder that is often used as an emulsifier in the food industry. In this blog, we will focus on Distilled Monoglycerides properties and uses in food.

What Is Distilled Monoglycerides E471?

The term Distilled Monoglycerides (DMG) refers to triglycerides and monoglycerides subjected to molecular distillation during synthesis and concentration. The resulting powder is known as distilled monoglycerides. It is characterized by being tasteless, odorless, and colorless. It consists of a single fatty acid attached to a glycerol molecule.

While the specific HLB value of distilled monoglycerides may vary depending on the source and manufacturing process, it generally falls between 3 and 8. This suggests that DMG e471 has a stronger lipophilic nature and can effectively function in oil-in-water emulsions. Distilled Monoglycerides (DMG) are commonly used as a thickening agent, stabilizer, and emulsifier in various applications, including baked goods, dairy products, beverages, and processed meats.

Distilled Monoglycerides (DMG)


What is Distilled Monoglycerides Made From?

DMG e471 contains a mixture of mono and diglycerides that are obtained from either vegetable or animal sources. Vegetable-based DMG is typically produced from sunflower or soybean oil, while animal-based DMG is derived from beef tallow or lard. The process of creating DMG involves the hydrolysis of triglycerides (fats) from these sources, which results in the formation of mono and diglycerides. The distilled monoglycerides are then created through a process known as vacuum distillation, which removes some of the higher molecular weight substances in the mixture. The resulting DMG is a white, powdery substance that is typically odorless and tasteless.


What Are the Properties of Distilled Monoglycerides?

Distilled monoglycerides (DMG) possess several properties that make them useful in various applications, especially in the food industry. Here are some key properties:


One of the primary properties of DMG is its emulsifying ability. Distilled Monoglycerides help mix ingredients that would normally separate, such as oil and water. This property is crucial in the production of products like margarine, salad dressings, and baked goods where a stable emulsion is desired.


Distilled monoglycerides contribute to the stability of food products. By preventing the separation of ingredients over time, DMG helps maintain a consistent and appealing texture in items like margarine, creamy sauces, and certain desserts.

Texture Improvement:

Distilled monoglycerides (DMG) are known for enhancing the texture and mouthfeel of food products. It can impart a smoother and creamier consistency. Therefore, it is valuable in applications such as ice cream, whipped toppings, and various baked goods.

Distilled Monoglycerides (DMG)  in ice cream

Shelf Life Extension:

The use of distilled monoglycerides can extend the shelf life of certain food products.  DMG helps maintain the quality of the product over an extended period by enhancing emulsion stability and averting ingredient separation.


Distilled monoglyceride (DMG) is a versatile ingredient, applied in various food products such as bakery items, dairy products, confectionery, and processed foods. Its multifunctional properties contribute to its widespread use in the food industry.

What is the Difference Between Distilled Monoglycerides and Monoglycerides?

The main difference between distilled monoglycerides (DMG) and regular monoglycerides lies in the purification process. Both are types of glycerides, but the term "distilled" indicates that the monoglycerides have undergone a specific refining process, which sets them apart.

Monoglycerides are a class of glycerides, which are molecules composed of glycerol and fatty acids. In the case of monoglycerides, there is one fatty acid molecule attached to one of the three hydroxyl groups of glycerol. They can be derived from animal or plant fats.

Distilled monoglycerides are a specific form of monoglycerides that undergo a process of distillation for purification. Distillation is a technique used to separate and purify components based on their different boiling points. This refinement process helps remove impurities and unwanted substances from the monoglycerides.

Monoglycerides are used in various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. In the food industry, they are employed as emulsifiers and stabilizers.

Distilled Monoglycerides (DMG) is a specialized form of monoglycerides primarily used as food additives. The distillation process enhances their purity, making them suitable for specific applications where a cleaner and more refined product is desired.

Distilled Monoglycerides in Food

Are Distilled Monoglycerides Bad for You?

Despite concerns about the use of additives in food, Distilled Monoglycerides (DMG) have been extensively studied and are generally recognized as safe by regulatory agencies such as the FDA. It is widely used in a variety of food products such as baked goods, dairy products, and margarine to prevent separation and improve texture, among other benefits.


Overall, distilled monoglycerides are an important ingredient in modern food production and are generally considered safe and effective. Whether derived from vegetable or animal sources, DMG emulsifier is an important tool for food manufacturers seeking to create high-quality, stable products that deliver optimal taste and texture.

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