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The role of monoglycerides in food processing

Abstract:Distilled Monoglyceride is currently the most widely used emulsifier in the world, and it is also a commonly used emulsifier in my country's food industry. When it is used in the production and processing of bread, biscuits, cakes, pasta and other flour products, it can emulsify and interact with the main components of wheat flour, giving the flour products a good appearance and taste.The quality and performance of flour determine to a large extent the craftsmanship and quality of steamed bread, bread and other products, while the performance of flour depends on the variety, yield, planting environment, and harvesting methods and methods of wheat. The production of steamed bread requires flour milled from wheat with strong gluten strength, good extensibility and moderate gluten.

Keywords: food ingredient  Distilled Monoglycerides   flour  food processing

1.The role of monoglycerides in pasta products
1.1.The specific effect of monoglyceride on pasta food

● Its own amphiphilicity can increase the affinity between food components, reduce interfacial tension and improve food quality.
● Fusion with starch makes the product have a better structure and increases the volume of the food; achieves the effect of anti-aging and preservation.
● Compound with protein and fat in raw materials, improve food structure and rheological properties, and enhance dough strength.
● The emulsion made of molecularly distilled monoglycerides can be adsorbed on the gas-liquid interface, which reduces the interfacial tension, increases the gas-liquid contact area, is conducive to the stability of hair and foam, and improves and stabilizes hair and foam. bubble structure.
● Improve the water holding capacity of food.
● Replace expensive raw materials and reduce costs.
● It has the effect of sterilization and promotion of nutrient absorption.

1.2.The role of monoglycerides in the processing of bread products

Molecularly distilled monoglycerides are commonly used in bread in countries all over the world, and the added amount is 0.1% to 0.5% by weight of flour. The prepared bread has large volume, small bubbles and evenly distributed, softer and finer bread skin and texture, brighter color, and can promote the uniform mixing of components; the taste is also further improved, especially the bread can be effectively prevented. During storage and transportation, it becomes dry, hardened and moldy during the crown process, which can prolong the storage period by 0.6 to 1 times on average. It has a significant anti-aging effect, improves product quality, and has a good emulsification effect.

Adding and using method, firstly, molecularly distilled monoglyceride is emulsified and dispersed in the mixing water, and then mixed with the flour.

Now at home and abroad, molecularly distilled monoglyceride powder products are widely used for easy use, and the purity of powder products can reach more than 95%.

1.3.The role of monoglycerides in the processing of noodles

After adding molecularly distilled monoglyceride in the production of fresh-keeping noodles, the noodle products are not easy to be mushy when boiled, and the chewing strength and smoothness are increased due to the improved internal and surface smoothness of the product when eating.

There are many ways to add molecularly distilled monoglyceride to noodles. Some of them mix fine powdered products directly with flour; Mixing flour; and the most effective method is to first dissolve powdered molecularly distilled monoglyceride in hot water, stir mechanically, and then use to mix flour after cooling.

1.4.The role of monoglycerides in the processing of cookies and pastries

The oil content of cakes and biscuits has been increasing in recent years. The increase in the amount of oil is to improve the brittleness of high-end cakes and biscuits. Molecularly distilled monoglyceride is used as an emulsifier to uniformly disperse the oil in the biscuits in an emulsified state to prevent the oil from being released from the biscuits. Exudation, improving its brittleness, water retention and anti-aging properties. The above purpose can be achieved by adding molecularly distilled monoglyceride or compound molecularly distilled monoglyceride containing 0.6% by weight of flour to cakes and biscuits made of various grains.

2.Improvement of Dough with Distilled Monoglyceride as Emulsifier

From the above content, we have learned the knowledge of the application of molecularly distilled monoglyceride in food, from which we know that molecularly distilled monoglyceride is not only used for the emulsification of liquid food and materials, but also very effective for semi-solid flour products. Molecularly distilled monoglyceride as an emulsifier has the following effects on dough improvement:
● Improve dough mixing endurance and mechanical processing endurance, and improve dough elasticity, toughness and strength.
● Improve the fermentation endurance and improve the air retention of the dough. The dough with the addition of molecularly distilled monoglycerides took longer to reach maximum fermentation volume than the control dough, and the dough with the emulsifier also maintained maximum volume longer. This shows that the emulsifier can increase the fermentation endurance of the dough.
● Improve the endurance of the dough to the standing time, which is of great significance in the slow head production process, and is more conducive to processing, so that the operator does not need strict time requirements for adding the dough.
● The endurance of the dough to mechanical impact and vibration is improved. In the production and production process of steamed bread, a layer of film is formed on the surface of the dough after fermentation, and the interior contains a large amount of gas, resulting in mechanical bumps and vibrations. The addition of molecularly distilled monoglyceride increases the strength of the dough and improves the mechanical impact and shock resistance, thus ensuring the normal production and processing and product quality.


The quality and performance of flour determine the process and quality of bread and other pasta products to a large extent. In order to improve the quality and reduce the cost reasonably, we have proved through practice that the emulsified distilled monoglyceride can solve these problems, so we study the flour in detail. It is very important to study the properties and mechanism of action of distilled monoglyceride and its effect in the process of bread processing, which can make the application of distilled monoglyceride increasingly extensive and broaden its scope.

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