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Look Into Cake Gel and Its Benefits

Cake gel refers to a composite emulsifier obtained by hydration and emulsification of multiple emulsifiers. It belongs to an important ingredient that is frequently extensively applied in the bakery industry. The emergence of cake gel emulsifier is a major technological breakthrough in traditional cake production technology. Before delving into the benefits of cake gels, it is important to understand what a cake gel is. In this article, we are going to focus on what cake gel is and its manifold benefits.

What is Cake Gel?

Cake gel, also known as cake emulsifier, is a type of complex food additive. It is a blend of various emulsifiers and stabilizers such as mono and diglycerides of fatty acids e471, polyglycerol esters of fatty acids and propylene glycol fatty acid ester (E477), and propylene glycol e1520. It helps to facilitate the mixing of two incompatible ingredients. Cake gel is one of the key ingredients in creating delicious and flavorful cakes. As a combination of cake foamer and foam stabilizer, cake gel emulsifier is responsible for giving cakes better volume, perfect moistness, and soft texture. It also contributes to simplifying production and reducing the cost of formulations.

Cake Gel  emulsifier

The Advantages of Cake Gel

1. Increase the Volume and Yield of the Cake

Adding cake gel emulsifier to a recipe will result in a larger volume and yield. First of all, the proper amount of air is critical for baked goods because it has an impact on the volume and properties of the products. A higher volume ratio implies that the batter is filled with more air, which means that the cake gel is performing well. Also, a larger volume of batter indicates a greater size of cake. Then more cake can be produced from the same weight of batter. As a result, the output of the cake will also increase relatively.

2. With Extensive Adaptability

Cake gel emulsifier is highly flexible and can be applied to various cake recipes including cake slice sandwich cakes, cupcakes, etc. When making cakes, there will be surprises if you choose to add cake gel. Not only can cake gel be altered to suit different recipes, but it will not ruin the flavor and texture of the cake. For cake makers, cake gel for baking is a great option to enhance the quality of the cake.

3. Extend Shelf Life

Cake gel has excellent moisturizing ability making it popular in cake recipes. Since the alpha-crystal emulsifiers in cake oil have a good ability to complex with starches and proteins, they can keep the moisture inside the cake and effectively prevent starch aging, thus keeping the cake moist and soft in the long run. The addition of cake gel emulsifier to recipes can extend the shelf life of baked products so that they can be kept for a longer period of time.

4. Give a Smooth Texture

Chemsino cake gel helps to give cakes a soft, light texture and a delicate flavor. Cake gel emulsifier is capable of dispersing the fat in the batter in small particles, which reduces the greasiness of the batter. Moreover, breakage may occur during cake baking. But if cake gel is present in the recipe, it enables the cake batter to form a gel that reduces cracking. This will ensure the smooth and creamy texture of the cake.

cake gel  emulsifier in food

Substitutes for Cake Gel

There are other options for bakers to achieve similar results other than using cake gel. For example, bread makers can use yogurt or jam as an alternative to cake gel. Alternatively, one can choose to use cream or frosting instead of cake gel emulsifier. You can find out what works best for you by experimenting.

About Chemsino

Chemsino is a manufacturer and producer specializing in food ingredients. The product business covers emulsifiers, enzymes, preservatives, and thickeners. It is one of the leading companies in China in terms of food additives, offering products and services to more than 100 countries and regions. Contact me to get cake gel price and quotation.
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