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Lactem Emulsifier: A Review of Its Role in Foods

Lactem is a multifunctional food emulsifier that is capable of improving the taste and texture of products. This article is about the origin of Lactem emulsifier and its usage in cakes, bakery products, creams, and meat products. It has also been recognized as a safe food emulsifier by the European Union.

What is Lactem Emulsifier ?

Lactic Acid Esters of Mono and Diglycerides (LACTEM), also known as E472b emulsifier, is a lactic acid ester made from edible vegetable oil and lactic acid. E472b food additive is a popular emulsifier and thickener in the food industry. Lactem emulsifier is often present in dairy products, bakery products, cream ingredients, cakes, chocolates, and shortenings.

lactem  emulsifier  in food


What is the Function of Lactem Emulsifier?

Lactem e472b food additive is categorized as an emulsifier that performs the functions of emulsifying fats and oils, stabilizing, resisting starch aging, and increasing air retention. Lactem emulsifier is designed for use in a wide range of foamed food formulations to enhance the aerating properties and enhance the stability of the foam.

Whipped Cream and Cream Mixtures -- Lactem emulsifier acts as a mousse booster in raw cream and cream mixtures. Lactic Acid Esters of Mono and Diglycerides (LACTEM)  is also beneficial in increasing the consistency of milk and cream, imparting a smooth and creamy texture to the cream.

Pastry and Cake -- E472b emulsifier is used as an aerating agent for pastries and cakes. Lactem emulsifier helps to ensure that products with a high oil content are able to form a rich and stable mousse, thus further reducing the shaking time. Lactem allows the final molded pastry to be delicate and tasty.

Chocolate --The addition of Lactem emulsifier to chocolate formulations helps to facilitate the molding of chocolate compounds into various shapes. Also, E472b food additive can reduce the viscosity of the chocolate and enhance its fluidity, resulting in a delicious and flavorful final chocolate.

Bakery Products --Lactem emulsifier can also be used in bakery products to improve their texture. Adding e472b emulgator to dough has the positive effect of improving the volume and internal structure of fine bakery products, resulting in a soft and fluffy texture and a longer shelf-life.

Various Sauces -- E472b food additive goes into margarine and other spreads to enhance their consistency and spread ability. While improving the texture and stability of products, Lactem emulsifier can also enhance the flavor of food products. To make a product more attractive to consumers, a small amount of Lactem can be added to a product to add a creamy or buttery flavor.

Meat Products -- As a highly effective and safe emulsifier, Lactem emulsifier also works in meat products. E472b food additive is able to improve the water retention of meat products such as sausages and hams, preventing the separation of oil and water. Ultimately, the quality of meat products will be better.

e472b emulsifier in food


Is Lactem Emulsifier E472b Safe?

The European Union has officially declared E472b as a safe food emulsifier. Therefore, Lactem emulsifier can be applied to foods to create high-quality products with superior texture and stability.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, Lactic Acid Esters of Mono and Diglycerides (LACTEM) is a versatile food emulsifier with a variety of benefits and features. E472b emulsifier is an indispensable ingredient for improving the quality and attractiveness of food products.

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