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Chemsino`s Successful Participation in FI AFRICA 2024

From May 26th to 28th, Chemsino proudly participated in the FI AFRICA 2024 in Cairo, Egypt, showcasing our commitment to innovation and quality in the food additives industry.

FI Africa 2024 Overview

From May 26-28, 2024, the FI Africa 2024 exhibition, organized by Informa, was held in Cairo, Egypt. This was the third edition of FI Africa, the only professional food ingredients exhibition in Africa, providing a comprehensive platform for companies in the food and beverage industry to explore markets and exchange technology.  


1. 320+ exhibitors from 20+ countries
2. 11,000+ professional visitors
3. 97 industry conferences 


Thorough Preparation

We invested considerable effort in preparing for this exhibition. Our team designed attractive posters and created high-quality packaging samples to display our latest products. Additionally, we brought along a selection of enticing candies, which proved to be a delightful way to engage visitors and make our booth more inviting.


Engaging with Attendees

The exhibition was a fantastic opportunity to connect with both new and existing partners. We were thrilled to see many familiar faces and meet numerous new friends. Many visitors were interested in our latest innovations, and we had in-depth discussions about potential business collaborations. It was also a pleasure to take photos with our visitors, capturing these meaningful moments.


Post-Exhibition Follow-Up

After the exhibition, we continued to engage with our contacts, emphasizing our commitment to long-term cooperation. Maintaining these relationships is crucial as we work together to bring high-quality, innovative food additives to Egypt and surrounding regions. Our goal is to foster mutual growth and success.


Valuable Insights and Opportunities

This exhibition provided us with several important insights and opportunities:
Building Strong Connections: We established meaningful relationships with the friendly and enthusiastic people of Egypt. We are excited about the potential collaborations that will support the local food industry.
Market Potential: We discovered that Egypt's food industry is experiencing rapid growth with high demand for innovative products. This market presents significant opportunities for our company.
Industry Diversity: The attendees we engaged with came from a wide range of industries, including food production, food trade, pharmaceuticals, feed, cosmetics, and various industrial sectors. This diversity highlighted the broad applicability and demand for our products.


Cultural and Sightseeing Experiences

During our free time at FI Africa 2024, we explored Egypt's rich cultural heritage. In Cairo, we visited the Cairo National Museum, the Citadel of Saladin, and several beautiful mosques. Our trip to Giza included awe-inspiring visits to the Pyramids and the Sphinx. In Alexandria, we toured Pompey's Pillar, the Citadel of Qaitbay, and Montaza Palace. We also indulged in traditional Egyptian cuisine, savoring the local flavors. These cultural experiences enriched our visit, enhancing our connections with local partners and deepening our appreciation of Egypt.


Future Prospects

Our participation in the FI AFRICA 2024 was a rewarding experience that reinforced our confidence in the potential of the Egyptian market. We look forward to building on the connections we made and exploring new opportunities for collaboration. Chemsino is dedicated to contributing to the development of the local food industry by providing top-quality, innovative food additives. 


Our participation in FI Africa 2024 was a success. We showcased our products, forged new connections, and explored promising business opportunities. Beyond the exhibition, we enriched our visit by experiencing Egypt's cultural heritage. Enjoying local cuisine further deepened our appreciation for the region. These experiences strengthened our relationships and provided valuable market insights. Overall, FI Africa 2024 was an invaluable blend of business and cultural enrichment, setting the stage for future growth and collaboration.
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