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Glyceryl Monolaurate 90 Halal e471 Food Ingredient

The full name of GML is Glyceryl Monolaurate 90, which is a fatty acid monoglyceride, synthesized by the direct esterification of lauric acid and glycerol. Glyceryl Monolaurate halal has good emulsifying and bactericidal effects which make it a functional additive and food quality improver. E471 food ingredient has the advantages of low toxicity, good bacteriostatic effect, and active at different pH conditions, which makes it widely used in many fields including food, daily necessities and cosmetics.

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Glyceryl Monolaurate 90, abbreviated GML, is a naturally occurring monoglyceride. Glyceryl Monolaurate halal generally has the appearance of scaly or oily, white or light yellow, fine-grained crystals. It is a non-toxic and safe food additive. Glyceryl Monolaurate 90 is both an excellent emulsifier and a safe, efficient, and broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent with the dual functions of emulsification and antiseptic. It is these properties that make Glyceryl Monolaurate halal commonly used in deodorants, health products, food, and cosmetics.

Application of Glyceryl Monolaurate 90

GML's emulsifying properties make it an excellent solubilizer in pharmaceutical products, while its antibacterial activity makes it useful in medical supplies to inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduce the incidence of disease.

Glyceryl Monolaurate halal has been used to extend the shelf life of animal foods such as grass carp and cheese.

Due to its excellent bactericidal properties and emulsification, GML e471 food ingredient is commonly used in the preservation of meat, dairy, fruit, and vegetable products to extend the shelf life of foods.

Glyceryl Monolaurate 90 plays an active role in promoting animal growth, and preventing and treating animal diseases, such as inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract, Clostridium perfringens, and Salmonella, and improving the nutrient absorption capacity, feed conversion rate, growth rate and meat quality of livestock and poultry.

Glyceryl Monolaurate halal has a variety of biological functions such as antibacterial, antiviral, and immunomodulation, and is a potential alternative to feed antibiotics. Adding an appropriate amount of Glyceryl Monolaurate 90 is able to promote the growth performance of animals, prevent and treat the corresponding diseases, improve the production performance of animals, and protect the health of the body.

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