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Glyceryl Monolaurate 40 E471 Emulsifier in Food

Monolaurin, also known as Glyceryl Monolaurate 40 or GML is a monoglyceride emulsifier made by esterifying glycerin and lauric acid under certain conditions. Glyceryl Monolaurate 40 is found mainly in coconut oil, palm oil, and breast milk. It is usually oily, scaly, or granular, and is white or yellowish in color.GML food ingredient has good emulsifying and antimicrobial properties that make it popular for use in baked goods, butter, frostings, and cheese products.

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Distilled Glycerol Monolaurate GML 40% is a lipophilic, nonionic surfactant, a naturally occurring compound in some plants. It is an advanced food emulsifier and preservative today. Glyceryl Monolaurate 40 is also a safe and effective antimicrobial agent with the ability to resist infection by pathogenic microorganisms. E471 emulsifier is widely used in dairy products, infant milk powder, meat products, vegetable protein beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and health care products.

Characteristics and Applications of Glyceryl Monolaurate 40

Glyceryl Monolaurate 40 is also used as an emulsifier in cosmetics and daily products to promote the absorption of nutrients.

In addition to its excellent emulsifying properties, e471 emulsifier has good antimicrobial capacity and immunomodulatory effects. Glyceryl monolaurate is a potent antimicrobial agent that targets a range of bacteria and fungi.

Glyceryl Monolaurate 40 is not only an antimicrobial property, but also a prominent anti-inflammatory agent.

Glyceryl Monolaurate 40 is a safe and highly effective broad-spectrum bactericide. Its antimicrobial effect does not change with pH value, and it still has good antimicrobial effect under neutral or slightly alkaline conditions.

GML food ingredient has a strong effect on common bacterial yeasts in foodstuffs and also inhibits a variety of viruses.

As an excellent emulsifier, Glyceryl Monolaurate 40 can effectively emulsify fats and oils, improve the utilization efficiency of dietary fats and oils, and improve the growth performance and health of animals.

E471 emulsifier can also be used as a feed additive to improve the conversion rate of feed and the disease resistance of animals, thus promoting the healthy development of animals.

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