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The Application of Emulsifiers in non dairy creamer
NDC is the powder product which processed through the mixing of emulsifiers,

proteins, dextrin, antioxidantsand flavoring material.

Currently, the main method of the production of the NDC is spray-dried. Spray drying is the method which using embedding agent and emulsifiersin the oil to form an
emulsion system, then spray-dried to the powder product.

For NDC, the use of emulsifiers is mainly based on the emulsification of NDC.

The choices of Emulsifiers in NDC : 

  • HLB Value differences
  •  Ionic emulsifiers complementary
  •  Co-emulsifiers used, such as fatty acids, amino acids, salts, etc. to improve stability

SSL/ DATEM / DMG are basic emulsifiers should be used in this area.

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