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Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is an extracellular acidic heteropolysaccharide produced by fermentation of Xanthomonas.
EEC NO. E415
CAS No. 11138-66-2

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Xanthan gum is normal powder xanthan gum produced by fermentation of corn starch and beans protein with Xanthomonas campestris, its solutions are neutral, suitable for use in food and food preparations as stabilizer, thickener or emulsifier. TECHNICAL INDEX:
Appearance white to cream colored powder
Partical size(mesh) 80/200
Isopyopol alcohol 750ppm max.
V1/V2 1.02-1.45
Assay 91%-108%
PH(1% solution) 6.0-8.0
Moisture (%) 13 max.
Pyruvic acid(%) 1.5 min
Viscosity(1% solution in 1% KCL) 1200-1600cps
Shearing ratio 6.0 min.
Ash(%) 13 max.
Total nitrogen 1.5 max.
APPLICATIONS:   1. Food: Xanthan gum can control the rheology, structure, flavor and appearance of the product, and its pseudoplasticity can ensure a good taste, so it is widely used in salad dressings, bread, dairy products, frozen food, beverages, Condiments, brewing, candy, cakes, soups and canned foods. Xanthan gum is one of the most effective anticancer agents. 2. Daily chemicals: Xanthan gum is used as the main functional ingredient in most high-end cosmetics. In addition, xanthan gum can also be used as a component of toothpaste to substantially thicken and set the shape, reducing tooth surface wear.
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