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Sodium tripolyphosphate

Sodium tripolyphosphate is also called sodium triphosphate. There are two kinds of anhydrate and hexahydrate, which is a kind of condensed phosphate with chain structure.
EEC NO. E451
CAS NO. 7758-29-4

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Sodium tripolyphosphate, White powder with a melting point of 622°C. It has significant chelating ability to metal ions such as calcium and magnesium ions. It can soften hard water and turn suspension into a solution. It is weakly alkaline and non-corrosive. It is an inorganic surfactant. It has a strong emulsification effect on lubricating oil and fat. Bulk density is usually divided into low density 0.35-0.5g/cm3, medium density 0.51-0.65g/cm3, high density 0.66-0.9g/cm3. TECHNICAL INDEX:  
ASSAY (%) Na5P3O10 ≧ 85
P2O5 (%) 56.0-58.0
Heavy Metals (mg/kg) ≦10
Water insoluble (%) ≦0.1
Lead ≦4
Fluoride (mg/kg) ≦50
Arsenic (As)(mg/kg) ≦3
  APPLICATIONS: In the food industry, it is used as an improver for canned food, fruit juice drinks, dairy products, soy milk, etc. It is mainly used for the tenderization of canned ham and canned broad beans to soften the skin of soybeans. It can also be used as a softener and thickener.
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