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Sodium Hexametaphosphate

Sodium hexametaphosphate is an excellent water softener without precipitation
CAS NO. 68915-31-1

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Sodium hexametaphosphate is an inorganic substance, white powder crystal, or colorless transparent glass flake or block solid. Easily soluble in water but insoluble in organic solvents. It is highly hygroscopic. TECHNICAL INDEX:  
Content of General Phosphates(AsP2O5) % ≧68.0
Content of Inactive Phosphates(AsP2O5) % ≦7.5
Iron(as Fe) mg/kg ≦200
Water insoluble (%) ≦0.06
Arsenic(as As) mg/kg ≦3
Heavy Metals (as pb mg/kg) ≦10
Fluoride (as F) (%) ≦30
PH Value 5.8-6.5
    APPLICATIONS:   Sodium hexametaphosphate is used as quality improver, PH adjuster, metal ion chelating agent, binder and expansion agent. 1. It can stabilize natural pigments in beans, canned fruits and vegetables, bean paste fillings, and protect food color. 2. It can emulsify fat in canned meat and keep the texture uniform. 3. Used in canned meats and meat products to improve water and prevent fat deterioration.
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