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Propylene Glycol USP Certified Possible Purity

1. Propylene Glycol 99.9% is the raw material for preparing unsaturated polyester resin, antifreeze, etc.It is also a moisture preserving agent for
tobacco, cosmetic, etc. Besides, it is a good solvent in coating, paints, and others.
2. Unsaturated Polyester Resin¡¢Engine Coolant and Antifreeze¡¢Hydraulic and Brake Fluid¡¢Aircraft Deicing Fluid¡¢Heat Transfer Fluid¡¢Paint and Coatings (water-based)¡¢Liquid Detergent¡¢Plasticizer
3. Its most important end use is in the production of unsaturated polyester resins that, in turn, go into items that effect our
daily lives, like water tanks, or our leisure time, like sailing boats. It can also be used as plasticizer, surface active agent,
emulsifying agent and demulsifying agent, mould inhibitor, antiseptic for fruit, ice inhibitor and moisture preserving agent for tobacco.

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Purity: 99.5% HALAL,KOSHER,ISO certificated Package: 215kg/drum; 1000kg/IBC drum(20 drums/20GP); 23000kg/Flexitank; Payment terms: TT,LC,DP acceptable Shipping method: FOB, CFR,CIF
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