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Propylene Glycol 99.9% Kosher Certified

Application of propyl ethylene glycol / Propylene Glycol / PG CAS NO.57-55-6

Propylene glycol is often used in the pharmaceutical industry as a solvent, softener and excipient in the manufacture of various
ointments, ointments, etc.
Because of its good mutual solubility with various spices, it is also used as a solvent and softener in cosmetics, etc. Propylene
glycol is also used as a solvent for tobacco humidifier, mildew inhibitor, lubricant for food processing equipment and food
marking ink.
The aqueous solution of propylene glycol is an effective antifreeze.

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HALAL,KOSHER,ISO certificated Purity: 99.5% Molecular weight: 76.09 Boiling point: 188.2 ¡æ Melting point: 59 ¡æ Viscosity (20 ¡æ) : 60.5 Mpa.s CAS number: 57-55-6 EINECS no. : 200-338-0 Package: 215kg/drum; 1000kg/IBC drum(20 drums/20GP); 23000kg/Flexitank; Payment terms: TT,LC,DP acceptable Shipping method: FOB, CFR,CIF
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