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Compound Phosphates

Compound phosphate is the collective name of two or more phosphates used in food processing

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Compound phosphate is a common dispersant that improves its color, aroma, taste and shape, maintains the freshness and quality of food, and meets the needs of processing technology. It is an important quality improver in food.
Product Code  CS-P-66
Application Area Fish and fish meat paste
Function 1.Enhance water retention and reduce freeze drip loss. 2.prevent frozen degenerationand extend shelf life. 3.Improve the adhesive and enhance the gelation strength Product Code CS-P-502 Application Area Shrimps meat
Function 1.Dissolve quickly in ice water. 2.Reduce water loss and improve product yield. 3.Effectively maintain the original color and quality
Product Code CS-P-2
Application Area Chicken meat
Function 1.Dissolve quickly in ice water. 2.Reduce weight loss during processing and cooking, and increase products yield. 3.Keep the flavor and color in the process and keep the meat tender. Product Code CS-P-515 Application Area Large pieces of beef
Function 1.Fast dissolving in ice water and superior dispersion. 2.Good rolling performance for easy processing. 3.Improve water retention and product yield. Reduce the loss of water and nutrients in the process, and make the product tender and juicy
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