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Calcium Stearyl Lactylate

Calcium stearyl lactylate is ivory powder or flake-shaped solid. Dispersed well in hot water,can be used for emulsification, aging resistance, gluten fortifying,etc.

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Calcium Stearyl Lactylate has the function of strengthening the dough ,emusifying ,anti-staling,enlonging shelflife etc .And can be widely used in bakery ,noodles ,dumplings etc . TECHNICAL INDEX:
Acid value(mgKOH/g) 60-70
Ester value (mgKOH/g) 150-190
Heavy metals As Pb ( mg / kg ) 10Max
Arsenic ( mg / kg ) 3 Max
Total plate count ( per gram ) 5000 Max
Yeast Mould ( per gram ) 100 Max
APPLICATIONS: The main application areas are as followoing : 1. In yeast-raised bakery products, lactylates can be used to offer excellent dough matching properties, to increase bread volume and to improve the crumb softness. And they can provide good yeast-raised dough strengthening effects. 2. In fried and steamed yeast-raised products, the use of lactylates can enhance the toughness of the dough therefore to improve the mouth feel. 3. In cakes, the use of lactylates can help manufacturers to produce cakes with softer texture, finer cell structure, and longer shelf life. 4. In cookies and crackers, the addition of lactylates will reduce dough viscosity, reduce sticking to machinery surfaces, and improve mouth feel and food quality. 5. In pastas, the use of lactylates can increase the firmness of pasta. 6. In coffee whiteners, lactylates can be used to enhance the feathering stability and to improve whiteness
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